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Government Of Assam Mines & Minerals Directorate of Geology & Mining

Groundwater Investigation


    Project : 1   Hydrogeological investigation in  Deeper Aquifer Regime in Greater Guwahati area including detail Chemical Quality study for Fluoride contamination in ground water specially in Jatia and Hatigaon area along with Reappraisal Hydrogeological survey in Soalkuchi, Hajo area. Toposheet No. 78N/11, 78 N/12, 78 N/16.Quantum of work to be done:

    Nature of work.Target
    Hydrogeological Survey (scale 1:50,000)328 Sq.Km
    Reappraisal Hydrogeological Survey (scale 1:50,000)100 Sq.Km
    Exploratory well2 Nos.
    Observation well.25 Nos
    Installation of PiezometersAs per requirement.

    Project : 2   Preliminary Hydrogeological investigation in Eastern and North Eastern part of Nagaon Dist. along with western part of Karbi Anlong District  with emphasis on groundwater quality.Toposheet Nos. 83(B/14, B/15, B/16, F/2, F/3 F/4,F/8,G/5).Quantum of work to be done:

    Nature of work.Target
    Hydrogeological Survey (1:50,000)1000 sq.km. (approx.)
    Water sampleAs per requirement.
    Exploratory well2 Nos.
    R. L. connectionAs per requirement
    Data collection 

    Project : 3   Awareness programme on utilization of groundwater in Greater Guwahati. Quantum of work to be done:

    Nature of workTarget
    Awareness programme like public meetings, Seminar,  publicity through media etc.As per requirement


    Hydrogeological survey works on request from various Government, semi Government and private organization may be taken as and when required


    Constitution of ‘Assam State Groundwater Authority’ under THE ASSAM GROUND WATER CONTROL AND REGULATION ACT, 2012

    The State Authority shall consist of the following :-

    Secretary to the Government of Assam, Irrigation Department :Ex-officio Chairman
    Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation, Assam :Ex-officio Member
    Chief Engineer, PHE Department, Assam :Ex-officio Member
    Chief Engineer, Agriculture Dept, Assam :Ex-officio Member
    Director of Geology & Mining, Assam :Ex-officio Member Secretary
    A representative of the Guwahati Metro :
    Politan Development Authority (GMDA)
    To be nominated by the GMDA
    Chief Engineer, Guwahati Municipal Corporation :
    Politan Development Authority (GMDA) To be nominated by the GMDA
    A representative of the Urban Development Department,
    Govt. of Assam to be nominated by the Department
    A representative of the Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) :
    to be nominated by the Chairman, CGWB
    2 (Two) representatives of the public / industries etc. :
    to be nominated by the State Government as Non-Government Member

    The proposals for Action in 2017-18 are :-

    • Area to be notified.
    • Registration of existing users in notified area.
    • Registration of users in new wells in non-notified area.
    • Registration of drilling Agencies.
    • Rain Water Harvesting for recharge of Groundwater.
    • Feasibility Report