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Government Of Assam Mines & Minerals Directorate of Geology & Mining

Status of Ground Water

The Directorate of Geology and Mining, Assam set up a Ground water Cell in the year 1967 to explore and exploit the ground water resources on scientific line. It has carried out systematic hydrogeological survey in some parts of the State for study of ground water condition and feasibility of development of ground water through deep and shallow tube wells. The Department, so far, has covered 50,000 sq km. areas by hydrogeological studies with about 200 numbers of exploratory wells in different parts of the State and out of these 120 numbers have been converted to production well. The Directorate is collecting scientific hydrogeological data and maintaining periodic water level in most parts of the State. These data are essential in proper exploration and exploitation of ground water for future use.

                The quality of ground water is safe for drinking , industrial and agricultural purposes. The pH value ranges from 7.5 to 9.0. All parameters are within the permissible limit except iron, fluoride and arsenic.Fluoride is present only in deeper aquifer.