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Government Of Assam Mines & Minerals Directorate of Geology & Mining

Apply for Grant of Mining Lease

Under MINERAL CONCESSION RULES, 1960 (As amended up to 26th July,2012)

a) Form Application for Reconnaissance Permit, Refer to Page No 61,from “Mineral Concession Rules.doc” file.
b) Form B Application for Prospecting Licence, Refer to Page No 64,from “Mineral Concession Rules.doc” file.
c) Form D Receipt of applications for Prospecting Licence/.Refer to Page No. 67 Mining Lease or renewals,,from “Mineral Concession Rules.doc” file
d) Form D-1 Receipt of application for Reconnaissance Permit ,Refer to Page No.68,
e) Form E Application for renewal of Prospecting LicencePage Refer to Page No.69.
f) Form F Prospecting License Deed, Refer to Page No.71
g) Form F-1 Reconnaissance Permit Deed Page No.85
h) Form G Register of applications for Prospecting Licenses, Refer to Page No.96
i) Form G-1 Register of applications for Reconnaissance Permits,Refer to Page No.97
j) Form H Register of Prospecting Licenses,Refer to Page No.98
k) Form H-1 Register of Reconnaissance Permits,Refer to Page No.99,
l) Form I Application for Mining Lease,Refer to Page No.100
m) Form J Application for renewal of Mining Lease.Rfer to Page No.105
n) Form K Mining Lease Deed,Refer to Page No.108,
o) Form L Register of application for Mining Lease.Refer to Page No.130,
p) Form M Register of Mining Leases.Refer to Page No.131,
q) Form N Application for revision.Refer to Page No.132,
r) Form O Model form for transfer of Mining Lease.Refer to Page No. 134,
s) Form P Model form for transfer of Prospecting Licenses.Refer to Page No.138

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